ESS 2022 - European Society of Surgery

Time Slots

PThe profile of the ESS Congress is mainly educational, focusing on providing high quality continuing education by the presentation of the latest significant advances in Surgery and encouraging the interaction and open discussion between Faculty and Audience.

Presidents and Chairmen: please ensure the smooth progress of the Session, time management as well as encourage discussions and interactions between Faculty Members and the Audience by allowing sufficient time for questions from the Public.

Speakers: time for Your presentation is 10 minutes (during 90’-sessions) or 12 minutes (during 120’-sessions).

Oral, Video, E-Poster: time for Your presentation is 5 minutes; 2 minutes are dedicated to the discussion.

It is mandatory to respect the timing of each session, not to penalize following sessions, in particular the ones at the end of the days.

Presidents, Chairmen and Speakers
a timer will be running on the screen along with the presentation. After a warning before the last two minutes of the presentation, you will have to ask from the presenter to conclude. Microphones could be closed at the end of Speaker’s time and Session time.

The two plenary Sessions will be specially organized: Chairmen, Panelists and Experts will activelly interact. Audience could make questions. Second plenary session will be in Italian language but it is included the English simultaneous translation.

Contributions will be presented in English, the official language of the Congress. Other Languages could be used, but slides must strictly be in English.